Tanya Davies

Kevin is the literal glue of any project he works in. He is a multi-talented and multitasking work partner who always delivers. New challenges rarely daunt him, he will always view them as opportunities to learn and grow in any craft. If Kevin says he will 'be there' or 'get it done', he will.

He is a self-taught filmmaker and animator, and each year that passes, his craft shows growth and improvement. I met Kevin a little over ten years ago, when he was volunteering at a film festival and had no experience in the film industry. He has since then proactively shot several short films, won multiple awards and had a series of his animation works broadcasted on network television.

The main reason I am happy to write this recommendation is his humility. Kevin is very down-to-earth and has been consistently so for as long as I have known him and changes we have all experienced in our lives. If I had to create a team and choose a co-worker with similar work ethics and the desire to grow and learn, Kevin would be in my top five without any hesitation.


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