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Creatives: The Dance of Hall

With all the controversy surrounding the dancehall image on the cover of the 2017 telephone directory published by the yellow pages late 2016, it's obvious many in society especially the church still look down on the culture. It's a pity because dancehall dancing is an art form closely resembling its African roots but authentically developed in Jamaica.

Dancehall dancing makes many persons a lucrative living both here and abroad. In Austria they offer workshops and certification in the art form and let's not forget Japan who has taken it to another level winning several Dancehall Queen competitions here on Jamaican soil taking that fame back to Japan where they become hired celebrities for parties and music videos.

Austria dancehall dancing workshop

Now there are several schools teaching dancehall in Jamaica to foreigners who travel half the world to learn. It is also becoming a very popular class offered as an aerobics session at many gyms. The Jamaican party scene has become world famous for it's style and antics. The first in a series of creative mini documentaries done by Realizm Studios show cases a snippet of the culture from the persons who live the life style day in day out. Check it out and learn a thing or two about the origins from recording artist and dancer "Chiney Kiki", veterans in the art like "Colo Colo" as well as today's up and coming stars. Each and everyone one of these people rep hard for Jamaica on a daily basis so share and help their work spread.

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