Real Estate Salesman - Moho Pro Anime Studio - NivekPro - Jamaican 2D Animation

  Didactic animated video project completed for the Real Estate Board of Jamaica. A didactic explainer video giving aspiring real estate salesmen and women instructions on how to become registered in Jamaica.  

Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica PSA 1

  Remember it all adds up...

Goat Island Cartoon

  This 30 second animation is a PSA for the Jamaica Environment Trust, reaching out to the Jamaican public, to make them more aware of the situation with the Portland Blight Logistic hub being potentially dangerous to the wildlife and the r...

Missing school to do chores. Is it illegal?

  While it is not illegal for children to do chores, it is illegal to force them to miss school in order to do chores. Furthermore it is illegal to make children work with heavy or dangerous machinery, dangerous or hazardous chemicals. Chec...

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